About Us

Passionate About What We Do


Virag Media Group is dedicated to creating the paradigm shift necessary to drive sports into the future and exponentially impact our communities.

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Connecting The Global Community


Virag Media Group provides global solutions for the amateur and professional sports community to perform at it's best!

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Sports - A Language Spoken Globally


Sports is one of the most powerful vehicles to unite the world. 

Virag Media Group is proud to be a driving force in making a difference. 

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Welcome to Virag Media Group

We are the most exciting company in the sports world and look forward to sharing our passion for sports and community by helping you make a difference in every aspect of your goals! 

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Virag Media Group creates world-class, cutting edge technology to provide global solutions for local, regional and national sports organizations

Paradigm Shift


Virag Media Group  has created the most exciting global technology to change the way the sports world connects, communicates and operates.

Through The Years


We have worked with and been honored, recognized and featured by everyone in sports including professional sports leagues, the biggest sports equipment manufacturers and more

Marketing Strategies


Virag Media Group has created revolutionary marketing strategies that will be recognized as the benchmark and the most innovative in sports history 



Here at Virag Media Group community is EVERYTHING. We pride ourselves on empowering our communities by providing them with all the resources they need to flourish



Virag Media Group has created a perfect Eco-System that connects the sports community  with the business community in perfect harmony.